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About the Winery

Our Vineyards

Our Vineyards Our wines are produced exclusively from our own grapes—a portion of which are grown organically. We tend 56 hectares of vineyards (just under 140 acres) in high-quality vineyard locations—Panenský kopec, Svidrunk, Sonberk, Stará hora, and Unédy—in the Popice municipality lying within the Mikulov wine subregion. Paying regard to the soil type, the bedrock, and the microclimate, we planted varieties that are typical and suitable for this region. When growing and handling our grapes, we fully respect the character of the local biotope and its rich biodiversity.

Our Wines

The taste and fragrance of Gotberg wines are marked by the exceptional local terroir formed by favorable climate conditions and soil with a high lime content, which is propitious for the grapes we cultivate. Our winery’s offerings form a cross-section of traditional and modern varieties. Among the white wines there are Pálava, Moravian Muscat, Tramin, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, Sylvaner and Sauvignon, and among the red wines there are Blaufränkisch, Merlot and Pinot Noir. Our assortment contains a wide range of premium wines—white, red and rosé high-quality wines with special attributes. These include for example St. Martin’s wine—the “Czech Beaujolais”—as well as refreshing and fragrant frizzante wines, sparkling wines produced using the traditional method of in-bottle fermentation with long aging on yeast lees, and our Gotbertinky soft drinks.

Budova vinařství
Budova - sudy
Budova - interiér
Budova - terasa

The Winery Building

The winery building received the award for 'Best Industrial Building of the South Moravian Region' in 2009 and is a beautiful example of modern winery architecture. The building is designed to blend into the landscape, partly sunken into the terrain. It is dominated by wood combined with concrete, stone, and glass. The underground tasting room, known as the Diamond due to its shape, is used for guided tastings. There are also seven rooms available for overnight stays after tasting. The open terrace offers a magnificent view of Pálava, the region's dominant feature.

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