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Organized wine tasting

For wine lovers and for groups of friends, colleagues or business partners, we offer organized wine tasting, where you can become more familiar with our wines...

The program starts with a tour of the operation technology, where during captivating expert explanation, you will learn about the philosophy of the Gotberg Winery, as well as lots of interesting information about wine itself, its production and aging, viticulture and our vineyards.

The tasting itself takes place in the attractive environment of the room called the Diamond, where our experts will introduce our wines to you and comment on them. Of course there will be small enjoyable snacks to cleanse and neutralize one's palate between wine samples. You can select from variants of six or ten wine samples. If you like, we will prepare/order refreshments based on agreement, and after the tasting you may also take advantage of our accommodations; there are seven two-bed rooms available.

A pleasantly spent evening in a modern setting will certainly make for a truly unique experience.

If interested, please contact us:  , +420 530 330 132


Tasting without ordering

When visiting the winery, you may enjoy wine tasting spontaneously from our current offer. You can buy samples and small refreshments at reception. You may enjoy tasting wine and relaxing in rooms inside and out on the terrace, from where you will enjoy a lovely view of the Pavlov Hills and the Nové Mlýny (Mušov) Lakes. By taking in the unique genius loci of the winery in combination with enjoying refreshing wines, your visit will become an experience that you will surely want to repeat.

We can welcome you anytime during our hours of operation (out of season Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., during season Mon-Sun 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. including holidays).


Weddings and more…

Are you planning to get married? Do you want your wedding to be stylish and truly become one of the greatest experiences of your life? Would you like this important day to play out at a positively representative location?

We can offer you lease of space in the Gotberg Winery to enjoy your wedding celebration, or a private or company party.

Please contact us if interested.


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