Merlot - Rosé

Late harvest

Merlot - Rosé

Late harvest

This Merlot rosé is among the fuller-bodied wines of its kind. It is very juicy, refreshing and in finish a wonderfully harmonic, refreshing wine, a marriage of the strong fragrances of black currant and forest strawberries. The full-bodied flavor corresponds to its dominant fruity bouquet.


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Wine attributes

Růžová vína
Obsah cukru
Zbytkový cukr
7,0 g/l
6,9 g/l
12,5 %
Bezcukerný extrakt
23,2 g/l
Viniční trať

Cellar master's word

Once again this year, I've crafted for you a rosé, once again from the Merlot variety, which I believe is exceptionally suited to producing this wine. Typical for this year's rosé is its lighter hue, like the color of a "partridge eye“, despite its four hours of maceration on the skins. The fragrance reveals black currant so typical for Merlot, or ripe strawberries. I think this wine will be a great companion on warm summer evenings.

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